Welcome to the Delphi VNC Project

Get the initial Demo Code here (this will be on CVS as soon )

The purpose of this project is to create a 100% compatible VNC client and server component using Borland Delphi.
Thanks the the generous dontation of a fully working NATIVE delphi VNC demo by Dott. Cosimo De Michele we have a huge jump start on this project.
It is not vaporware anymore, we actually have code and the demo app will be placed in CVS soon.


The first goal of the project will be to to enchance the demo to a fully 100% compatible RFB (remote frame buffer) native VCL component.
A full featured client application will also be made available.

Win32/Linux Compatibility:
The resulting code should compile and run equally well under Kylix.


We also would like to create a server that is fully created with Delphi, and fix the annoying win32 problem where the VNC server is the first service to shutdown.
This is very annoying when Lotus Domino Server or some other server app hangs on shutdown and displays a dialog box effectivly halting the shutdown process, and since VNC is already shutdown you can't get back into the server.

TCP/IP Transport:
We are proposing INDY for this task, ICS could also be considerd as a secondary transport.

What we need:

Currently we need developers that can work on the following:

Remaining encoding schemes (we have RAW already)  we need to speed up the drawing process.
Componentizing the code.
Converting the VNC DES encyption DLL to pascal so we do not have to deploy anything with the client.
GUI work for the client, we need a nice tool bar with Send CTRL ALT DEL, Refresh etc, and a status bar wtih a connection timer and transmit and receive LEDS.

VNC Protocol Specs:

VNC 3.3 Protocl Specs

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